Finally smoke your pre-rolls with the added luxury of a glass filter tip!

Wide compatibility so you don’t have to worry about fitment, just slip your joint into the filter & smoke! Glass filtration keeps your hits cooler while condensing & improving the flavor of your smoke.
Get more value from your rolls, since you can easily smoke the entire thing. No burnt fingers trying to light up the last of the roach. Substantial hold on your rolls so they don’t feel so dainty. And since the filter is glass, say goodbye to soggy tips.

You’ll be able to universally smoke better, bigger & cleaner. Best of all, it’ll instantly improve your hold on those small, delicate paper pre-roll tips so you can avoid unwanted smashing or wet paper hits. No soggy paper filter tip air restriction either! Being made of the highest quality glass, it reduces resin (especially from your lips & hands) & your hits will feel comfortable against the smooth, clean glass tip. An added bonus, adding the tip will make it easy to share too!