Glass Case

An incredible glass, ceramic and silicone assortment from around the globe featuring hand blown and designer smoke shop wares.   Includes hand pipes, chillums, bongs, rigs, vaporizers, dab accessories, rolling papers and trays, blunt wraps, grinders, dugouts, roach clips, stash bags and jars, ashtrays, torches and lighters, bangers and bowls as well as a variety of cleaning tools and accessories.

Bongs & Rigs

A sizable collection of unique water and hanger bongs, dab rigs, percolators, bubblers, ice catchers, electric dab rigs, silicone sidecar, hammers and wake and bake mugs and bowls.

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Pipes & Chillums

A global gathering of super fun, exclusive glass, ceramic and silicone bowls, hand pipes and chillums including food, animal and X-rated themes.

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Smoke Accessories

A fantastically large group of essential stoner accessories including grinders, ash trays, one hitters, roach clips, dab tubes, rolling papers, trays, stash jars, vape cases, carb caps, atomizers and nectar collectors.

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Vaporizer Pens

cannabis user favourites including Puffco, Yocan, Stonesmith, Urban Dabs, Comet, AIRIS and Gethi.

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