The Airis Gethi G6 is one of the newest devices from the Gethi line!

The G6 is a compact and effective dry herb device with many advanced features.

To power on the device you need to press the button 5 times rapidly. This device has 3 temperature settings that are 405 degrees – Green, 420 degrees – Blue, 435 degrees – White which can be changed with 1 click of the power button. The heating chamber is located at the base of the device and is completely ceramic which provides an optimal heating of material while maintaining great flavor. The ceramic heating chamber is loaded from the bottom of the device and is sealed with a spring loaded hatch. Once your Gethi G6 is turned on it will begin to heat up the chamber at your specified degree setting. Once the chamber is heated up to the proper degrees, the lighted button will remain solid so that you know when to hit your device. The Gethi G6 comes with an integrated isolated air path which helps to cool the vapor and will never expose your lungs to overheated vapor. There is a built in silent mode which will gently vibrate the device once the heating chamber has reached your chosen temperature. The glass mouthpiece is fully retractable with and adjustable dial that is located on the side of the device. Airis built in a powerful 1800mah battery which is enough to ensure an entire day of vaping. The sleek and elegant design that is available in 5 stunning colors does nothing to effect the effectiveness of this device. The Gethi G6 is an amazing new dry herb device that is sure to leave you satisfied.