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A collection of grinders featured our specially selected designs.

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Featuring handmade, custom cut and printed weed-themed tops and bottoms. Hemp and hemp incorporated garments, socks, shoes, denim, belts and du rags. Cannabis inspired swimwear, hats, dresses and active wear.

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An extensive collection of printed, sublimated and hand painted cannabis genre focused cotton bags, pouches, backpacks, insulated bags, fanny packs and canvas totes.

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A gathering of weed inspired costumes, games, puzzles and unique keepsakes.

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A fun group of marijuana related books and coloring books, gift wrap and bags, cards, decorations and banners, ornaments and journals.

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An incredible glass, ceramic and silicone assortment from around the globe featuring hand blown and designer smoke shop wares. Includes hand pipes, chillums, bongs, rigs, vaporizers, dab accessories, rolling papers and trays, blunt wraps, grinders, dugouts, roach clips, stash bags and jars, ashtrays, torches and lighters, bangers and bowls as well as a variety of cleaning tools and accessories.

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A variety of hemp CBD infused tinctures, gummies and chocolates. Also features cannabis incorporated hand sanitizer, bath bombs, shampoo, makeup palettes, lotions, scrubs, soaps and nail lacquer. Complete with weed focused hair accessories, tattoos and nail decals.

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A plethora of marijuana concentrated goods featuring pillows and blankets, cups and mugs, magnets, candles, baking supplies, towels, aprons, framed art, art prints, clocks, shower curtains and lava lamps.

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An assembly of cannabis celebrated necklaces, earrings, bracelets, head wear, sunglasses, pasties, cuff links, rings, ear gauges, boot chains and face glitter.

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Handmade, weed inspired key chains and chapstick holders.

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A very cool group of one of a kind smoker influenced patches and heady pins. The collection includes marijuana centered, iron and sew on, unique weed and stoner patches.

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A major collection of really great stoner stickers from artists all over the world., including original Good Intentions designs.

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A mix of hemp treats, collars, toys, apparel and accessories for the weed lover’s pet.

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A gathering of our favourite X-rated and risqué ganja pieces including stash jars, roach clips, bowls and chiliums.

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