Savvy wares for those who partake & those who don’t

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Featuring handmade, custom cut and printed weed-themed tops bottoms & more.

Glass & Pipes

An incredible glass, ceramic and silicone assortment from around the globe.

Bags & Pouches

An extensive collection of printed bags including totes and pouches.

Pins & Patches

A very cool group of one of a kind smoker influenced patches and heady pins.

Bongs & Rigs

A sizable collection of unique bongs, dab rigs, percolators, bubblers & more.

Health & Beauty

A variety of hemp CBD infused treats and cannabis incorporated products.

Boutique Headshop

We have the latest, savviest, most badass glass and stoner wares you’ve ever seen. We feature everything from custom apparel and pipes to home goods and accessories. Our unique collection of handmade goods will leave you wishing you could take it all home!

Unique Designs
Pipes & Bongs
Smoking Accessories

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